The Bird Table Mums

Calling all Mums! I’m setting up a Bird table for Mums group starting in September and wanted to find out some information from, well, Mums!Bird table mums

The Bird Table for Mums exists to help Mums take control of their lives and make clear decisions about what will work for them. Whatever stage of motherhood you’re at, our coaching sessions will help you to think better!


Bird Table Coaching groups bring together individuals who are all facing a similar challenge or issue. Women are no longer working alone, and they can embrace the power of a group of like-minded women, all working to positively impact each other’s life or business. There is a great deal of support, and an equal amount of challenge. This ensures the monthly groups are different from a coffee with friends or a fireside chat. They ensure progress is made.


This short survey will take less than five minutes to take but will help us to create the right groups for you. Survey


More information can be found about The Bird Table here






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