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What is Coaching?

Coaching can be traced back centuries and draws from many different areas of our world. In the 1980s and 1990s, coaching began to be used on its own, growing from its use in sport and moving into the world of business. Today, coaching is used in a wide variety of places from schools to companies in the FTSE 100, not to mention the President of the USA. Coaching is a way of creating an environment, time and space for individuals to think and identify change.

My Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is “you are your own expert”, but sometimes the perspective with which we view our life can become clouded or confused.  Coaching helps to give clarity and removes some of the barriers we can automatically put up.  When I’m coaching, I draw from many different theories within coaching enabling me to give you a really bespoke experience.  Although I offer coaching for people wanting to make changes in all areas of their life, I particularly specialise in the following:

1. Career Coaching

If you are feeling confused or unsure about your current working position and want to think about what your career future looks like, coaching can really help you to see the full picture. Together, we can explore the possibilities.

2. Returning to work after an absence

Adjusting to work after a break in your employment, such as returning from maternity or paternity leave, can be challenging.  There are many more things to consider and juggle and often priorities have changed.  Our sessions together will give clarity to your new situation, boost confidence, focus on creating a positive mindset and give you practical support through the job application process should you want it.

What is the process?

I offer a free 30minute coaching session where we can talk a bit about what you want to achieve. After this, we can arrange face-to-face or Skype sessions at times and days to suit.

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