Goal-setting-dreamHave you booked a holiday for the summer yet?  Well, whatever the answer is, I’m about to help you plan one!   In a previous post about changing your mindset, I used planning a holiday as a way to explain the level of clarity you need when selecting a goal.  Recently, at a conference, I used the example again and expanded upon it and realised that I should share what I talked about in a post that focused solely on the clarity you need to set an achievable goal.

So why is goal-setting important?  If you have complete clarity about what you want and how you are going to achieve it, you are so much more likely to achieve your goal.  Why?  Because you are able to react to your environment, understand how the changes effect your goal and then take the best actions.   Like the quote above says, without a plan and deadline, your goal will always remain just a dream.

Goal settingBooking a holiday is a great example of how much planning you need to make a goal crystal clear.  The steps below detail the kind of questions you can ask yourself, but more importantly, they give a real and tangible example of the amount of thought and time you need to devote to a really important goal.

1. When you are booking a holiday what are the things you consider?

  • Cost; what is your budget?
  • How many people will go?
  • What is the age and ability of people going?
  • What kind of holiday do you want? Activity, relaxing, child friendly?
  • What sort of destination do you want? Abroad, this country, seaside, city break?
  • What kind of travel/transport do you prefer? Drive, ferry, cruise, plane?
  • What type of accommodation would you like? Self catering, hotel, B&B, villa?
  • What facilities are essential for you? Pool, kids club, access to the beach etc?
  • What dates do you want to go?

It’s only after you have answered all of these questions do you then have an idea of what you want and what to book.

2. Once the holiday is booked, what are the next steps?

  • Start to consider local travel plans such as taxis and routes.
  • Wardrobe planning based on the type of holiday you are going on.
  • Creating excitement, countdowns, imagining you on the beach etc.
  • Think about the unknown elements and how they might affect your holiday such as the weather.

These are all the smaller things that need consideration, for example, you may have booked the flights, but how will you get to the airport, what’s the baggage allowance and do you need to print the tickets? They are all things which will influence how smooth your journey is and will have a huge impact on the success of the holiday. Paying such attention to the details will not only increase your chances of achieving your goal but also make you more equipped to deal with changes and bumps which may happen in your life.

Before you all run off to book a holiday, let’s think about how this translates to goal setting.  What I hope is clear is the amount of effort and thought you need to devote to your goals.  Whilst it is really important to define the end point (step 1 above), it is critical to really consider the smaller items, the everyday details which are critical to keeping your goal on track.

Goal setting

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