How coaching can help career development

career coaching development

How will working with a career coach help me?

There are many books, websites and information  available for people who want to change jobs.  If you want to know how to write a CV you can find out easily and quickly, see here and here, so why would working with a career coach benefit?

You can find out what you really want

Do you know what you want to do now? Lots of options

  • Different employers, same role
  • Different role, same industry
  • Same role, different industry
  • Different role, different industry
  • Something different completely – travel etc

Working with a career coach will help you to start at the beginning and understand what is it that you actually want. It will challenge the beliefs you have about your situation e.g. I don’t have the skills to move, I’m too old, I couldn’t afford to move jobs.  In turn, this creates a clarity about the direction you would like to take.

Find out what is important to you

Our priorities in life constantly change, do you know what you would like your work life balance to look like?  A career coach can help you to clearly see your current priorities and those in your planned future

Through career coaching you will start to identify the skills you want to be using in your future career development. See my article here about why this is an important step. Being clear about these skills will help you to identify future career paths  as well creating the foundation for your job seeking journey.

CV creation

For every one skill you list, a career coach can find many more.  Just in the process of describing  your talents and previous experience a coach can show you how to capture the skills and abilities you’ve forgotten or disregarded.

Career coaching will help you to identify which skills you want to highlight, and in which job or role these are best showcased in.  This process creates the building blocks for CV’s and applications forms, enabling you to tailor each application to the specific job role, hugely raising your chances of being called for interview.

 How to match job profiles to your CV

This one skill will drastically improve your chances of success. Knowing how to match a job profile to your CV makes it easy for a recruiter to see how you will fit with their position.  Each CV will only be given a few minutes of consideration, and some employers now use software to scan for key words in CV’s and application forms, making it all the more important.  If your application demonstrates all of the skills they want in a clear and easy to read fashion you will have a  huge advantage against other applicants.

Interview preparation

Learn about the different types of interview companies may use.  Decide on what is important for the interviewers to know about you, craft the answers you want to give.  Understand  how you want to present yourself at the interview, how will you convey your personal brand?  Find out methods of research, what information you need to equip yourself with and what questions should you be ready to ask.

Social media

Everyone uses social media, so it’s important to realise people will be looking at your profile. Learn how to ensure your social media profile reflects your CV and your personal brand.   Don’t just wait to be discovered, learn how to make recruiters look at your profile and use social media to tap into the “unadvertised” jobs market.


A career coach will help you to achieve all of the things above but will also hold you accountable for your actions, keeping you “on track” where, if left on your own, you may have procrastinated a little longer!

If any of this could help you or someone you know, why not take advantage of the 30 minutes complimentary coaching call I offer? Drop me an email at or give me a call on 07891436467 to organise, it could be your first step towards your dream job!


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