10 tips on how to reduce interview nerves

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Interviews can be terrifying, but they are an integral part of the job seeking process.  Although they can be sweaty palm inducing, it’s important to remember interviews only exist to create an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and demonstrate just how fabulous you would be in that job role.

To try and reduce your stress levels here are 10 tips to make sure you ace that interview!

Top Tips

  1. Remember that interviews are a two way process. Employers are trying to find out as much information as possible about you, not watch you fail!
  2. Do your research! Find out information about the company and its industry but also focus on the types of questions relevant to the role for which you are applying. Consider what you want them to know about you.
  3. Do more research! Read about interviews; it has been said that there are a finite number of questions that can be asked in one way or another during an interview. Look online, read books check through the role profile. What skills or competencies do they think the role requires? These could be the basis for questions.
  4. Have confidence in yourself. Interview questions aren’t there to catch you out; they are there to showcase how fantastic you would be at the role. Believe you can do the role, be clear about how you could add to the role, and even if you aren’t feeling confident fake it! Wear your best outfit, spend time making you feel at your best, see tip 8!
  5. Ignore stress. How stressed we believe we are affects how stressed we feel. Interviews are stereotypically thought of as some kind of torture. Try fooling yourself; pretend that you are really confident or that you already have the job. You know that advice about imagining your audience naked….
  6. Know where you are going, give yourself time and prepare for issues transport or otherwise. On the day, your stress levels will thank you if you aren’t worrying about being late or lost.
  7. Practice – know what you want to say and practice saying it. Check your speed and tone by either recording yourself or practicing to friends or family.
  8. Pick an appropriate outfit, but one that gives you confidence and make you feel comfortable.
  9. Want the job! It’s great to have interview practice, but going for jobs you really don’t want will do nothing towards reducing stress levels.
  10. Ask for feedback. Knowing what to work on for next time helps to reduce interview stress next time.
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